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School Philosophy

Our staff will work diligently with school community families to create a school culture we will all be proud of. We will use the District’s Cornerstone Values of Accountability, Collaboration, Equity, and Integrity to guide our work and to create a school culture and environment where all students have the opportunity to realize their maximum potential.

It is the mission of Shauna May Seneca to be a school of excellence that ensures high levels of learning for ALL students. To help achieve this goal we will apply the following three Big Ideas to guide our work.

A Focus on Learning: staff will engage in the process of continuous and ongoing assessment to ensure students have learned the concepts taught. Additional time and support will be provided for students who have not yet met the learning standard.

A Focus on Collaboration: At Shauna May Seneca, adult learning will drive student learning. To facilitate this, staff will engage in regular collaboration to discuss and agree upon curricular outcomes, the most effective instructional strategies, common assessments, and data analysis.

A Focus on Results: the success or failure of our current instructional practices will be measured by the learning demonstrated by our students. Effective practices will be retained and enhanced, while ineffective strategies will be evaluated to determine how best to improve our results.

This process will be ongoing and continuous. As principal of Shauna May Seneca School, I know you will be impressed with the dedication and commitment of our staff to your child’s success. We also understand that achieving excellence is not possible through the efforts of staff alone. For our mission to become a reality, we rely on the cooperation and support of our parent community. We encourage parents to take an active role in the academic experiences of their children. Together we will ensure the success of every child. Welcome to Shauna May Seneca!


Student Rights and Responsibilities 

Please review the Student Rights and Responsibilities‌ document.