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Lunch & Nutrition

Shauna May Seneca School hire Lunchroom Supervisors who supervise our students over the lunch time break, and in order to do this, a yearly fee is required to cover the costs.

Shauna May Seneca School offers Healthy Hunger Fun lunches to our students throughout the school year.  Three times a week children enjoy lunches from local restaurants.  Any proceeds from these fun lunches go back in the school to enhance school programs.  

Elementary “Nut Free” zone

Several elementary students at Shauna May Seneca School have severe nut allergies.  Homeroom teachers will inform parents if a child has a severe nut allergy in their homeroom class where lunches are eaten.  In order to ensure these students eat in a safe environment, parents of students in the specific homerooms are to refrain from sending nut products in student lunches.

Appropriate attire for weather conditions

Students will be asked to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air during the lunch hour.  It is imperative that children arrive with the appropriate outerwear for the weather conditions.  Appropriate outerwear would include:  warm jacket, snow pants, gloves/mittens, hat/toque and warm footwear for those frosty winter days.  When the outside temperature drops below – 22 degrees students will have alternate lunch hour activities within the building.